Manager Confidential

Field Information:


Key to the field is in a lock box near the shelter – the code is 1011.

Bowman Field:

Call Musco Lighting to turn lights on early: 877-347-3319
Usercode: MABLadmin, Password: MABL2017, What City Were You Born In?: Madison

Key box in 1st Base Dugout (This opens the wooden box behind the backstop). Code is 3489.

Sauk City Jaycees Field:

Code for the door of the main building by the entrance gate is 0223.
Key is hanging up to the right on the hook which will give you access to open the front gate and maintenance shop.

Verona LL:

On the South side of the building, there are two lockboxes in the concessions window. The code for the lower lock box is 3470. That key will open the restrooms, the equipment room (next to the Men’s Restroom) and the light room (next to the Women’s Restroom).

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