Umpire Rates

$100 per regular 9-inning game (including extra innings)
$80 per regular 7-inning game (including extra innings)
$10/inning ($30 minimum) for unofficial 9-inning game (less than 5 innings completed)
$10/inning ($30 minimum) for unofficial 7-inning game (less than 4 innings completed)
$30 for drive to game if field was initially playable but rain subsequently makes field unplayable and no innings are played.
$50 (9 inning game) or $40 (7 inning game) if less than one hour notice of rainout or heat cancellation.
$50 (9 inning game) or $40 (7 inning game) if umpires not notified of a forfeit 24 hours prior to scheduled game start. Forfeiting team to pay both umpires.

Games will be forfeited if a team cannot field at least eight players within fifteen minutes of the scheduled start time. If a forfeit occurs a practice game is encouraged with the umpires paid accordingly ($100 for a nine inning game, $80 for a seven inning game).

If a team forfeits and no practice game is played umpires must be paid for the full scheduled game. $100 for a nine inning game. $80 for a seven inning game.

If a team cannot pay the umpires at the time of a forfeited game the league treasurer will be notified and the umpires will be paid promptly; league to be reimbursed by non-paying team or teams.

If none of the above-mentioned scenarios apply and the umpires believe they deserve compensation the league umpire coordinator may appeal to the board. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis with no precedents being set.