17+ Division

This division, formerly the “MSCR City League”, is open to anyone 17 and above. Games are once or twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Jake Byers – Divisional VP


1Village Bar1001.0000101W1


DateGameTimeResultsField Plate Ump Field Ump
Buschmen at Flamingos Charles Olson Tom Bush
Village Bar at SconnieBar Chuck Keister Charles Olson
Bombers at Buschmen Charles Olson Chuck Keister
SconnieBar at Nightcrawlers Brent Perzentka Michael Kauffman
Flamingos at Bombers Michael Kauffman Brent Perzentka
Nightcrawlers at Buschmen Chuck Keister Jay White
Village Bar at Flamingos Jay White Chuck Keister
Buschmen at SconnieBar Charles Olson Selje, Eric
Bombers at Village Bar Selje, Eric Charles Olson
SconnieBar at Flamingos Tony George Selje, Eric
Nightcrawlers at Bombers Selje, Eric Tony George
Village Bar at Buschmen Michael Rennicke Jay White
Flamingos at Nightcrawlers Jay White Michael Rennicke
Village Bar at Nightcrawlers - -
Flamingos at Buschmen - -
SconnieBar at Bombers - -
Bombers at Nightcrawlers - -
Flamingos at SconnieBar - -
Buschmen at Village Bar - -
Nightcrawlers at Flamingos - -
Buschmen at Bombers - -
SconnieBar at Village Bar - -
Nightcrawlers at SconnieBar - -
Bombers at Flamingos - -
Flamingos at Village Bar - -
Buschmen at Nightcrawlers - -
SconnieBar at Buschmen - -
Village Bar at Bombers - -
Bombers at SconnieBar - -
Nightcrawlers at Village Bar - -